Abhijit Chakraborty

Abhijit – VP (Strategy) of Brainpan

Writing, Speaking, Mentoring – from a Happy Place

Abhijit Chakraborty is VP at Brainpan, a marketing and advertising company, and the founder of The Anonymous Writer, the world’s largest crowdsourced multi-language storytelling platform with over 10 lakh followers. He is a prolific writer and a public speaker, Abhijit has a TEDx Talk and dozens of talks at premier institutions like IIMs and IITs to his name. Abhijit comes with a rich blend of professional experience in Marketing and Strategy across the world’s best brands and organizations including Hewlett Packard (HP Inc), Pernod Ricard and OYO. Abhijit has hundreds of viral stories to his name, and manages to engage with his massive reader base across different social media platforms with ease.

An interesting story in Abhijit’s own words

I had a major stammering problem as a kid. I got ridiculed & felt embarrassed in school. When I tried to talk, I couldn’t breathe. Imagine, a tiny kid feeling he’s not good enough. It was very painful. But I overcame it. How did I do it? My dad had his first heart attack when I was 15. He retired from work soon after. To make ends meet, I became a home tutor. But I had a stammering problem. How was I supposed to get my students’ respect & attention? My first home tuition class was in a week. The next morning I woke up and locked myself in my room. And I looked at myself in the mirror, eye to eye. And started roasting myself. I lashed out at my reflection, saying this HAD to end. Over the next few days, I went on long walks, on empty roads, talking loudly to myself. Everyone thought I’d gone crazy. On the 5th day, it happened. I stopped feeling breathless. I could talk normally. I had overcome the problem. I cried.

I still stammer sometimes, it hasn’t completely gone away. But 3 years ago I went on stage for the first time & spoke without stammering. It was my first TEDx Talk. And it felt wonderful. I believe there are miracles meant for all of us. And our miracles find us, sooner or later. And even your miracle will find you.

In his own words, Abhijit says he started with nothing at all. No big degree or college tag. No godfather in the industry. No formal knowledge of marketing. Being self taught has been a challenging ride, but somehow he has managed to pull through. That’s why he really enjoys talking about his journey and experiences. It feels great when people come up and tell him they find value in what he shares. It is what has driven him to his first ever podcast in which he also talks about how businesses are coping with the pandemic as well as the evolution of marketing over the years.

The Podcast can be found at : Anchor, Spotify, Google and YouTube

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