Knackstor Global

Featured Company

As part of our CSR, we feature companies that do amazing things for the society. This month we bring you Knackstor from Canada.

Retired people can work again with dignity as Freelancers

Knackstor Global is a digital platform that allows seniors to continue to be valued by offering their skill sets and passion crafted to perfection over their lifetime. With the CoVid19 pandemic, suddenly seniors seem the most vulnerable of society and are now living in isolation and a sense of fear. Knackstor decided to help seniors ride the pandemic and rebooted it’s service platform to help them operate virtually from the safety of their homes. Seniors are now empowered to offer their skills virtually into the safety of customer homes.

And while the world looks to recover, our Knackstors will be offering virtual services till it is ready to move out face to face post Covid.

Visit for more information.

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