Laura Ribeiro : A Voice of Wisdom

A special feature on Laura E Ribeiro : Podcast Host – The JA Show

By Deepak Saibaba

Laura inspires the world of her followers with her powerful voice, for when you are blessed with a talent to speak, you need to share your wisdom. 

Laura’s story comes from humble beginnings and her journey through life moving along different paths has gifted her with a unique story. Life went by in relative silence for this senior corporate executive until her grandmother’s untimely passing – someone who had meant the world to her and had raised her.

Laura realized at this precise moment that life was very precious and everyone needs to live their calling to serve great value to others. She decided to go all in and the flood gates opened to receive the extraordinary worldwide appreciation. It was like destiny. A destiny to share her vision, her views and her voice, in order to empower others to share theirs intentionally and meaningfully. 

As hard as the decision was after fifteen years building up a corporate career, once she launched her world famous Podcast, she never looked back. Today, The JA Show, inspires people across the globe, with insights and ideas that sparks transformations and inner awakenings for countless listeners who thrive for a successful life and business.

For Laura, a very common praise is about her unique voice which most believe to be God’s gift to her.

Her show ranked Top Ten in countries: #1 in Tanzania, #1 in Liberia, #3 in Brazil, #3 in Pakistan, #6 in South Africa, #6 in Japan, #6 in Chile, #7 in Italy, #7 in Oman, #8 in UAE and #10 in Turkey.

In addition to Top Rankings: #11 in Ireland, #12 in New Zealand, #13 in Malaysia, #13 in Nigeria, #14 in Indonesia, Top 15 in India, #16 in Austria, #17 in Spain, and Top 100 in Australia, Canada and the UK.

To crown her show’s achievements, The Ja Show is on the list for Global Top 10 Apple Podcasts for Self Improvement across the globe.

From someone labelled to be mute by pre-school teachers back in the day, to a widely celebrated international podcast host – Laura has come a long way, teaching us that anything is possible when you believe. In her own words: someone’s opinion of you will never define who you are. That’s your choice.

Technocrat’s Deepak recently sat with Laura E Ribeiro amidst her busy schedule and had a conversation about Laura’s incredible journey.

Laura, in your podcasts there is a lot of talk about the topic: success. What does success mean to you?

Success means to pursue your definite chief aim in life without violating the rights of others.  It means to follow your true destiny, taking people on the great journey and sharing your success with others. It means always having to do the right thing and have the highest respect for others. It means surrounding yourself with greatness and those who have an abundance mindset that will continue to take you to higher levels, because birds of a feather flock together. We must soar with eagles. Our thoughts create our reality and we must believe. 

Yes, success is better when it is shared. So can you name the single most influential leader in your life and tell us why – he/she is your role model.

Without a doubt it is Oprah Winfrey! She remains true to her calling, her purpose and she impacts massively to people across the globe. She speaks truth and empowers people to be their best. Her humble beginnings and being raised by her grandmother reminds me of my story. She knew what she was destined for and went all in. She is a living example. I love her. 

We all love Oprah! I have gone through the international response to your show – the feedback you receive and the accolades. There are a lot of compliments about your voice, specifically. How do you react to it?

To be honest, I was overwhelmed about the avalanche of thank you messages and how my voice was touching people around the globe. I have heard many times how the sound was compelling, commanding and captivating. It was humbling to hear, touched my heart and meant so much to make that difference. An Emmy Nominated TV Director and Producer recently said that I reminded him of the Oprah of Australia after the stunning interview conducted with him. It was so warming, authentic and real. It’s a natural gift so initially I didn’t think of it.

With this voice of gold, you must have some regimen to take care of your voice, any tips for our readers?

Well here is my daily habit: I drink a lot of water, stay calm and do not scream.

And some great tips according to me are : Avoid using the extremes of your vocal range, such as screaming or whispering. Practice good breathing techniques when singing or talking. Try not to overuse your voice and rest your voice. 

Thank you. Can you tell us which technology do you most rely on in your life – and how has it changed your life?

Definitely my Apple MacBook Pro. The design, I love and the use of the laptop, it feels like an incredible experience for working and leisure time every day.  The internet has been a game changer and social media platforms like LinkedIn – Phenomenal with the business opportunities and the quality relationships. Being able to meet with people across the globe, abundant business success, podcast recordings, research, study, create and collaborate. So many actions to take through my laptop, platforms and internet. The power of being united with technology, whilst I understand technology I always say, it must be human centered.

Agreed! Laura, as someone who has faced the tragedy of loss and other stressful events, what is your take on mental health and to what extent do you think it is important for corporate life success 

Mental health is important because it’s a vital part of life and your career success. Understand that it impacts your thoughts, behaviors and emotions. It also helps determine how we relate to others, and make choices. In focusing on success, studies have shown the very act of pursuing your goals is also good for your health and the actions you take to pursue them are good. The research discovered people were more optimized and persistent in pursuing their goals and they tended to have lesson depression and anxiety. 

Those are some impressive outcomes based on clear goals and purpose. And this points to lessons on how you can be most effective at work.  

Schedule in time every day to ensure you are looking after your mental health and it’s a daily practice. Be conscious of your environment, what you feed your mind, and your habits including your habits with your thoughts. Personally, I track via tech my thoughts and emotions to have greater self awareness and focus on self-improvement. 

Know your definite purpose, desire, practice persistence, faith, definite planning and intelligent actions towards your goals. This is part of the success principles that I teach in my Master Mind Alliance sessions.

I will attend a session then! Any parting words, Laura?

Our best investment is in ourselves. 

Wonderfully said Laura, Thank you for your time today!


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