Podcasts – simply put, they are audio journals. From true hardcore tech to lighter notes on management, here’s your guide to the very best ear candy, plus some top podcasters’ favourites of our Technocrat Inc Team.

The FlipMyFunnel Podcast is a daily podcast hosted by entrepreneur, CMO, and founder of the #FlipMyFunnel movement, Sangram Vajre. On this show, you’ll find a mix of interviews with sales and marketing experts, keynotes from Flip My Funnel events, conversations about staying aligned across an entire organization, fundamental leadership principles, and commentary on great content that’s been published on the Flip My Funnel blog. Ultimately, this podcast is dedicated to helping B2B marketing, sales, and customer success professionals become masters of their craft.

Each episode features topics like: leadership, sales and marketing alignment, account-based marketing (ABM), content marketing, marketing technology (MarTech), B2B marketing, B2B sales, customer success, strategic partnerships, agile marketing, buyer personas, content creation and promotion, social media and more.

We recommend Sangram Vajre‘s Podcast called FlipMyFunnel

05 Jun 2020

Sample a podcast from FlipmyFunnel below:

MultiCloud VideoCast – Follow the rest from YOUTUBE.

Loulou Khazen Baz, an entrepreneur and investor based in Dubai draws on her professional and personal experiences over her two-decade career to discuss business, leadership, startups and transformation with a Middle Eastern lens. Every two weeks, Loulou invites business leaders and friends to discuss what makes them unique leaders, industry trends, challenges and overall landscape and current relevant events. The discussions vary in length, are candid, insightful and inspirational.

Podcast of Lex Fridman

Kevin Scott is the CTO of Microsoft. Before that, he was the Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations at LinkedIn. And before that, he oversaw mobile ads engineering at Google. He also has a podcast called Behind the Tech with Kevin Scott. This was a fun and wide ranging conversation that covered many aspects of computing. It happened over a month ago, before the announcement of Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast.

We have partnered with the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University to provide access to Future Out Loud podcasts

Innovation Tech

Katina Michael, professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering at Arizona State University, speaks with Kimberli J. Lewis

Emerging Tech

Andrew Maynard and Heather Ross chat with Gillian Hadfield at the 2018 Governance of Emerging Technologies and Science conference. Gillian…  READ MORE


Philosopher-ethicist Jai Galliott and cybersecurity-engineer-computer scientist Benjamin Turnbull from the University of New South Wales join Andrew Maynard and Heather…  READ MORE

For More Interesting Podcasts not in our feature list

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