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We at Technocrat decided to sit across someone who can talk about their work experience in tech, and their thoughts on work life balance and the recent Covid crisis. This is Ms Shagufta Bangi from India.

Hi Shagufta, tell us a bit about yourself

Hello, Well I am an Oracle and AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Cloud Specialist, Cloud Consultant for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure, with a demonstrated history of working in the IT Infrastructure and services industry. Skilled in Cloud Technology – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, and Public Speaking.

That is amazing, so why did you choose Cloud when there are so many technical areas to get involved in?

In my opinion, Cloud is the universal technology adopted across industries because of its operating model which shifts focus from CAPEX to OPEX. The model not only benefits the enterprise market with cost benefits but also provides an opportunity for SMBs to grow and start-ups to kick-off right from their inception. Also, Cloud unites various technologies under one umbrella which is an added benefit that companies realize in the long run. The amalgamation of Cloud Technology and Agile Methodology has allowed businesses of all shapes and sizes to be versatile which enables quick start and the risk for loss due to failure being minimal with a window for experimentation. Being an early student and adopter of cloud, I have witnessed first-hand the immense potential of this platform and I continue to be amazed by the sheer endless scope and flexibility that cloud technologies are able to encompass within themselves. This is truly one field where years of study would still only yield new avenues and opportunities for those hungry to learn.

What are the most useful cloud services and what is the one aspect of cloud that you feel should not be a barrier for the common man out there.

Major core services of IaaS including Compute, Network, Storage, Databases etc are extremely beneficial for growing companies and startups.

I am a promoter of cloud adoption and my contributions are majorly towards bridging the gap between sales (non-technical folks) and technical experts while being a clear and understandable point of contact for customers. This is important because the language (cloud terminologies) should not be a barrier during on-boarding new customers to cloud, and the initial experience of cloud adoption must be as smooth as possible.

To get to know you a little better, do tell what your leadership style at work is like…

Coach-style Leadership. I endorse the erudite way of learning where I try to be a student first so that I may be able to gain knowledge from every individual I meet. Once I have a clear idea of what is expected of me and what knowledge I can impart, I then put complete focus on being a coach to those under me, enhancing what they know and at the same time making learning new things exciting for them. Removing them from the rote way of learning something and teaching them on the job.

So do you have fun at work…

Organizing extracurriculars and cultural activities at work are one of the interesting periods I enjoy the most. India is popular for a number of lively festivals and celebrations. Team lunches and communal activities to increase bonding and help achieve a healthy work environment are something I always look forward to.

I wholeheartedly enjoy organizing various activities like quick games, theme-based attire days, open-stage events, talent shows etc. This adds to the spice of fun at work.

What do you see the future as (especially considering now that COVID is ravaging the earth)

Covid19 is a massive jolt and complication to human-race and world economics.

I feel it’s an opportunity for us to re-think on many traditional practices, especially on work-styles of running businesses. For instance, ever since the lockdown was announced in many parts of the world, companies from different sectors have adopted and reacted in intelligent and smart ways.

So would you encourage work from home going forward?

Yes, providing work-from-home capabilities, video conferencing around the world and adopting their business models to suit a world-changing far quicker than the normal economic cycle would allow has been a testament to the undying spirit and never-ending hope that we as a society have within our cores. I believe, the practice of work-from-home if adopted permanently with appropriate checks & measures, will benefit the world in many ways including flexibility and convenience. And this will also result in reduced carbon emission and give nature more time to repair.

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